Do you Control your Money?
or Does It Control You?

Its about the Money. Always. Your money. The relationship you have with money today is determined by your past and shapes your future. 

Explore with Fran how your past affects your present, how you can redesign your future to be free of debt, free to make wise financial choices and feel financially secure and confident in you. 

Let’s Talk About The Money

Join Fran for a deep dive into your relationship with money

In this journey you will:

  • Discover your Money Archetypes
  • Uncover old beliefs and money patterns 
  • Identify your ‘Money Baseline” 
  • Become financially informed 
  • Recreate your relationship with money
  • Attract more money doing what you love
  • Get clear on a new money plan
  • Identify your “Financial Team” 
  • Experience Personal Financial Transformation

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Money Tips

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Importance to start educating our children at a young age. 


How to navigate the new world of finance. Explore modern topics such as cryptocurrencies and more

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